“The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal.” 

THE ALETHEIA FINE ARTS – Continuer of Traditions – Ages-overarching & high-culture-synthesising

The Aletehia Fine Arts gallery is presenting those recent geometric, complex/minimal and monochrome painting's ways which are connected with primordial arts: thus paintings are eternal.

The meaning of primordial art is multifaceted. It basically refers to something ancient, classic artistic attitude. This basic-position can be found both in the art of modernity and previous ages: such artworks show purity, orderliness. They also suggest deep-high “compressed” spirituality, and the viewer, the art-friend can already take possession of that “easy”, feels it as her/his own.

Challenges of today's art intensify: those artists can create really high-quality, imperishable art, who are studying the positives of global world, unlimited knowledge-flows and also spiritual traditions of West and East, universal knowledges of humanity and living all these. The Alétehia Fine Arts undertakes an intermediary role in this expanded spiritual space: it is a “bridge-creator” between artist and beholder.

The Alétehia Fine Arts shows those unique and eminent works, offering demanding and highly qualified thinking-method for art-friend-collectors. Thus they can have a »fine art« indeed: works of today's artist will be entered in the elate category of Fine Arts.

The gallery develops, communicates and maintains various linkages in the international-global-space. The represented artist was/will be recognized also in this expanded space. 

The gallery is presenting perennial geometric painting tendencies, sometimes as virtual-exhibitions too.

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